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Welcome to Embassy of Libya, Abuja - Nigeria.

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The Libyan Embassy in Nigeria is the official representative body of the Libyan Government in Nigeria.

Details about the Embassy of Libya in Nigeria, other Libyan embassies around the globe, Libyan visa information, visa forms, tourist information, local climate, maps, Libyan public holidays and even more travel information can be obtained here.

General Service Offered at Libya Embassy in Nigeria:

Consular Assistance - The Libyan consulate may provide consular services to Libyan citizens. This service includes, afford guidance in the scenario of an accident, the scenario of death, and arrange for next of kin to be informed, advice during disasters for example civil disorder and natural catastrophes and moreover witness and certify signatures and supply various other notarial and legal services, for which charges are payable.

Libyan Passport - Libyan citizens are also able to acquire the Libyan passport application form and procedures in order to Libyan passport or travel documents by asking the Libyan Embassy in Nigeria.

Libyan Visa - The Libyan Embassies and Consular Offices are the only Accredited Libyan Government Agencies, who are permitted to grant Libyan visas in a different country. any pitfalls come up when getting on flights or at Libyan ports of entry due to possible miscommunication, visitors are highly advised to apply with the Libyan Embassy and Consular Offices in Nigeria to obtain Libyan visas prior to travelling.

Economical Affairs - The embassy in Nigeria handles the entire selection of bilateral and multilateral commercial affairs coupled with ecological, science and technology affairs

About Libya

For many years, due to political restrictions, Libya was a difficult country to visit. Today, however, the political leadership has begun to reach out to other international leaders, and, in turn, the country has opened its doors to foreign travelers.

Libya has tremendous potential as a major African tourist destination. Along with its desert beauty, Libya is home to ancient architecture, castles, lovely beaches, and some of the friendliest people in the Middle East. more >>

Libya Tourism

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