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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 1:17 PM

Dr. Attia Alkhoder
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Ambassador - Designate

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thinniItaly launches Mare Sicuro to monitor Libya’s coastline ... Read more

Italy: are ready to do our part in Libya.. Read more

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  1. Geneva dialogue: MbdaĂșah approval to move the dialogue to Libya ... Read more
  2. Seized tanker freed after
    government finds no weapons
    ... Read more
  3. Khartoum hosts the neighboring countries of Libya meeting early December
Thinni talks contracts with Chinese in Tunis Ghattas: Lyon meeting and Jibril goal to stand in the forty dialogue.
The formation of a committee to investigate the causes of fire in the bed of the oil line UN condemns attack dome and emphasizes the political solution
0,, 17830911_303,00 Dr. Nabil Elaraby with Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations (photo:)
Interim government discussed with the House of
Representatives displaced and Refugee Affairs
Shukri looking the situation in Libya with Kerry and Ban Ki-moon and Mgrena
New York Times: the increasing likelihood undergo
large parts of Libya controlled by Daash
Cyrenaican demonstrators demand Hafter be appointed head of military council
Alsanka meet with civil society institutions in Benghazi Interior Minister Omar Alsanka United States reiterates it does not recognize GNC and its Tripoli Hassi government
alsanka buraqair

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